We are a husband and wife team who share an all encompassing love of old movies, pop culture, comic books and all the things that used to make you a weirdo but now makes you cool. We are basically young farts who hang out at home with our two lazy dogs and even lazier cat. We watch bad old movies and come up with ridiculous pin ideas!

Johnny is the artist who brings both of our ideas to life, sometimes staying up all night to work on art or re-working it for days. He is a self-taught fine artist who specializes in color pencil realism. Johnny is from Orange County, CA and misses the ocean every day!

Gilly is the social media gal who uses her 10+ years of customer service experience to make sure you have nice things to say about us. While she doesn't design the pins, she does enjoy making art. Her favorites are folk art painting and collage work. Gilly is from Dallas, TX but has lived all over the U.S. and she also very much misses the ocean!

We started Negamidas in the summer of 2015 with our Teen Wolf pin and have been hard at work ever since. We have a proven track record of always providing the best customer service and never settling for anything but the best when it comes to our pins.

If you ever have an issue, a question or just want to say "Hi!" please drop us a line at negamidas@gmail.com, we don't bite!